What is Cringe? When does it happen and why? How does it behave in our bodyminds? Can cringe be productive? Is cringe queer?

A process-based research & performance project for queer/trans/nonbinary/nd/crip bodyminds and those who are questioning/searching.

In 4 experimental sessions we will queer through cringy situations exploring all senses of our bodyminds to create a relaxed, pod-based performance space. In each session we will admire works by queer&neurodivergent artists/scholars/researchers, embody our own cringe xstories and observe how the nervous system & body memory interact.

Free participation as part of my postgraduation project for Art in Context / UdK Berlin. I would love to work with a continuous group who can attend all 5 dates - please contact me for arrangements/questions/access needs and sign up: csee@posteo.de

research sessions:
4.4. 16-18h
11.4. 14-16h
25.4. 16-18h
2.5. 16-18h
& 4.5. 16h Performance

@fortuna_wetten Karl-Marx-Str 127